Frequent question: How do I move a mailbox to a shared mailbox in Exchange 2016?

How do I move an Exchange mailbox to a shared mailbox?

Use the New Exchange admin center to convert a mailbox

  1. Go to the Exchange admin center.
  2. Select Recipients > Mailboxes.
  3. Select the user mailbox. In the Mailbox tab, under More Actions, select Convert to shared mailbox.
  4. If the mailbox is smaller than 50 GB, you can remove the license from the user, and stop paying for it.

How do I move a mailbox in Exchange 2016?

Click + and click Move to a different database option.

  1. New migration batch page opens.
  2. You have two options to specify users you want to move. …
  3. Chooser users that you want to move to new mailbox database. …
  4. Click next.
  5. Type name of migration batch. …
  6. Specify administrator to be contacted once the migration is complete.

How do I convert mailbox to shared mailbox in bulk?

Table of contents

  1. Before you start.
  2. Prepare the user mailbox CSV file.
  3. Check the content in CSV file.
  4. Bulk convert user mailbox to shared mailbox with CSV file. Verify the result.
  5. Prepare the user mailbox text file.
  6. Check the content in text file.
  7. Bulk convert user mailbox to shared mailbox with text file. Verify the result.
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How do you move an Exchange mailbox?

Using the Exchange Admin Center, you can move one or more user mailboxes.

  1. Open the EAC and go to the Recipients -> Migrations tab;
  2. Click + and select Move to a different database;
  3. Select the user mailboxes you want to move; …
  4. Then specify a target mailbox database you want to move mailboxes to;

What does converting to a shared mailbox do?

When you convert a user’s mailbox to a shared mailbox, all of the existing email and calendar is retained but can be accessible to any users with delegated access to the mailbox.

What is the difference between a mailbox and a shared mailbox?

A shared mailbox is just that, a mailbox that can be shared with one or more users. Shared mailboxes do not require a license and have all of the features of a normal mailbox; they have an inbox, a calendar, a contact list etc. Shared mailboxes appear as separate mailboxes in Outlook and Outlook on the web.

How do I move my mailbox to Exchange Online?

You can use the remote move migration wizard in the EAC in the on-premises Exchange organization to move existing user mailboxes from on-premises Exchange to Exchange Online: In the EAC, go to Office 365 > Recipients > Migration. , and then select Migrate to Exchange Online.

How do I move mailbox in Exchange 2019?

From within the Exchange admin center (https://localhost/ecp) > Servers > Databases > Select the database to be moved. Note: Take a note of the database path, and the database filename (filename. edb). Copy the complete path to Notepad.

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How do I move a database to another server in Exchange 2016?

To move the database and transaction log files to their new locations we use the Move-DatabasePath cmdlet. The database is temporarily dismounted, the files are copied to the new locations, and then the database is mounted again.

How do I move a mailbox to a shared mailbox in Exchange 2013?

For converting the mailboxes using Admin canter, first of all Open the EAC in your browser. Inside it, navigate to the Recipients tab at the left of the window & select any of the mailbox among the list. Thereafter, click on the option “Convert to Shared Mailboxes” at the right of the Window.

How do I convert a mailbox to a remote mailbox?

Convert user mailbox to shared mailbox

  1. Identify Exchange Online mailbox. Run Exchange Management Shell as administrator. …
  2. Run Set-RemoteMailbox cmdlet. Run the Set-RemoteMailbox cmdlet and specify the user mailbox. …
  3. Force sync Azure AD. …
  4. Verify converted mailbox type. …
  5. Remove Exchange Online license.

How do I convert a shared mailbox to a distribution list?

sign into portal ( with your office 365 admin account. navigate to admin – users – active users, double click the shared mailbox, under details – user name, change the address to a different one. click save at last.

How do I move mailbox in Exchange Admin Center?

In the Exchange Admin Center, click on Recipients —> Migration. Click on the + symbol to start a new move request. From the dropdown menu, select Move to a Different Database as shown below. A new popup window will appear, named New Local Mailbox Move.

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How do I move an Exchange database?

After creating the new database, go to Exchange Admin Center and create a local move request between two databases.

  1. In the Recipients tab, go to Migration and click the Add (+) button. …
  2. On the ‘Select the users that you want to move’ ‘section of the migration wizard, select the users which you want to migrate.