How do I share iMovie with family?

How do I give someone access to my iMovie?

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  1. Open the System Preferences, the click Security & Privacy and open the Privacy tab.
  2. Click the padlock to authorise with your password.
  3. Select “Full Disk Access” in the sidebar.
  4. Is there a request by iMovie waiting? Then click the checkmark to allow iMovie to access items on the disk.

Can multiple users edit iMovie?

With the aid of a laptop (PC or Mac) project files (movie projects in the iMovie app) can be shared from one iPad to another iPad so that group members can collaborate on their projects. Shared project files will include all images, video clips, and audio files.

How do I transfer an iMovie project from one computer to another?

You can do this by connecting an external hard drive, setting up network sharing, or by temporarily copying the destination library to your computer.

  1. Add the destination library to your computer. …
  2. Select the source iMovie library. …
  3. Select the project you want to move. …
  4. Wait for the transfer to finish.

How do I send large iMovie files?

Click the Resolution pop-up menu, then choose a resolution that will reduce the size of the file to a size supported by most email servers. Click Share. After iMovie has finished exporting the movie to email, you’ll receive a notification. Add your message to the email that has been created, then click Send.

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How do I transfer iMovie to another Mac?

Jason answers: Yes, you can transfer iMovie projects from one Mac to another.

On the destination Mac:

  1. Connect the external drive.
  2. Launch iMovie.
  3. Click on the “Project Library” button in the upper left hand corner of the iMovie window. …
  4. Drag your project to your iMovie projects list to copy the project to this Mac.

How do I export an iMovie?

Export from iMovie

  1. Highlight your final sequence. Go to File > Share > File… then select the following options: …
  2. Click Next… …
  3. Click Save, then the export will begin. …
  4. Once the export is complete, a notification will appear indicating that your share was successful.

How do you copy and paste an iMovie project?

Click the Projects button in the toolbar. Select the project you want to move or copy. Click the button to the right of the project name, then do one of the following: Copy the project to another library: Click Copy to Library, then choose a library from the submenu.

How do I reduce the size of an iMovie file?

Compressing a video file using Apple iMovie (MAC)

  1. Step 1: Edit your movie as usual. …
  2. Share your movie using the ‘File’ option. …
  3. Look at the options for changing the Resolution and Quality of your movie. …
  4. Tweak the Resolution and Quality until the file size is less than 500 MB. …
  5. Save the exported file to an appropriate place.

Is there a size limit for iMovie?

iMovie’s file size limit is 2GB, which is a bit more than 9 minutes. As for project size, it can be as large as your hard drive allows, but a practical limit is 500 clips and/or 4 hours of video.

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How do I compress an iMovie to email?

QuickTime option

  1. Open an iMovie project.
  2. From the File menu, choose “Share….” Click the “iDVD” icon.
  3. From the “Compress movie for” pop-up menu (circled below), select one of these compression options: Email: This compression option is suitable for sending a small movie to someone through email.