Who is the owner of MBA forex?

Which state is Maxwell Odum from?

“Odum is a native of Ikwerre in Obio-Akpor Local Government Area, Rivers State. “His last known address is at 7, Odum Street, Elekahia, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Is MBA Forex registered with CBN?

“Mr Chairman, may we also bring to your knowledge that at a press conference unveiling MBA trading & capital investment ‘Bare to Blue Banquet’ that was held in Lagos on 16th and 17th of August 2019, the CEO of MBA, Maxwell Odum warned Nigerians not to see forex trading as gambling, saying MBA Forex and Capital …

What is the meaning of MBA Forex?

Apart from investment services, MBA runs a trading/training Institute where students receive training on Forex market navigations for profitability. They also offer a free three months mentorship for graduates of the institute to ensure their success in the Forex Market.

Is MBA Forex registered with Security and Exchange Commission?

The Securities and Exchange Commission said on Monday that MBA Capital and Trading Ltd is not a registered capital market operator with the commission.

Is MBA Trading and Capital Investment Limited registered with SEC?

The Commission wishes to inform the general public that MBA Capital and Trading Limited has never been registered by the Commission.

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Who is Maxwell Odum?

Maxwell Weli Odum is a highly successful and respected forex trader, investor and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of popular forex trading and training company MBA trading and capital investment limited.

Is Vektr capital investment legit?

They are very genuine and they keep to their words.

What are capital investment companies?

A company plans and implements capital investments in order to ensure future growth. Capital investments generally are made to increase operational capacity, capture a larger share of the market, and generate more revenue.

How long has Forex Trading been in existence?

The first Forex market was established in Amsterdam, roughly 500 years ago. This possibility to freely trade currencies helped stabilize currency exchange rates. From Amsterdam, Forex trades throughout the whole world were initiated. 240 years ago, 1875, the Gold Standard was introduced.

How do you check if a company is registered with SEC in Nigeria?

Please visit the Securities and Exchange Commission website, http://www.sec.gov.ng, to check the status of a public firm registered with the corporate commission. This website offers a database of all SEC-registered companies’ information, which is updated within 24 hours after receipt.