How do I enable screen sharing on Zoom for other participants?

How do I enable Screen Sharing on Zoom for attendee?

Zoom: Enabling Screen Sharing for Participants

  1. Within the Zoom meeting, click the arrow next to Share Screen and select Advanced Sharing Options.
  2. Under Who can share?, select All Participants.

Why can’t participants Share Screen in Zoom?

Screen sharing for Zoom meeting participants is disabled by default. This setting helps prevent uninvited attendees from disrupting meetings by sharing inappropriate or offensive material—a practice known as “Zoombombing” that has affected Pitt and other institutions.

How do I get an attendee list on Zoom?

To enable or disable the invitee list for your own use:

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Settings.
  3. Click the Meetings tab.
  4. Under In Meeting (Basic), click the Show invitee list in the Participants panel toggle to enable or disable it.

How do I enable Screen Sharing on Zoom if host is disabled?

Click the Meeting tab. Under In Meeting (Basic), verify that Disable desktop screen sharing for meetings you host is enabled. If the setting is disabled, click the toggle to enable it.

Why is my screen sharing not working?

A restart often resolves most computer problems, including screen sharing issues. If using a Mac, go to the Apple menu and choose Restart. And if you are using a PC, open the Start menu, select the power option and click Restart.

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Can you get a list of participants in a zoom meeting after meeting?

On the Zoom portal, click Reports on the left panel and click Usage. Choose the time range and click Search and it will bring up a list of past meetings. From the meeting you look for, click on the number of participants. You can generate an CVS file of the list by clicking the Export button.

Can you see who participated in a zoom meeting after it ends?

See who attended

You probably want to know who attends. You can get that information from a report once the meeting is finished. The attendee list for all meetings lives in the Zoom Account Management > Reports section.

How do I enable screen sharing?

Windows | macOS

  1. Click Share Screen located in your meeting controls.
  2. Select one of these screen share options: Basic: Share your entire desktop, specific application windows, whiteboard, or iPhone/iPad screen. …
  3. (Optional) Enable these features, located in the bottom-left corner of the share window: …
  4. Click Share.